New forms for 'ao1990'

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Thanks for the update.


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> It's a week later. Status update, please!

I plan to send these three sets of forms to Michael at 5:01 pm Mountain Daylight Time, which is May 6 in Europe, the day after the review period ends. (As I wrote on April 28, emphasis added, "It has to be extended again *through* May 5.")

How soon afterwards Michael forwards them to IANA is up to him, and how quickly IANA cranks out a new Registry is up to them.

Normally I try to adhere to the required time frames, occasionally adding an extra day for particularly contentious requests like these, so that nobody in any time zone can claim they didn't get a chance to comment before the review period closed (which has happened in the IETF). I don't think I'm causing that much of a bottleneck here.

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