Registration request for new subtags for Portuguese orthographies

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Mar 23 14:40:09 CET 2015

Michael Everson wrote:

>> The German reform of 1996 was controversial, and several publishers
>> and jurisdictions refused to implement it, but we registered subtags
>> (originally, RFC 3066 tags) to allow content to be tagged. We did not
>> try to weigh in on whether the reform was popular or "good."
>> The Belarusian variants ("academic" and Taraškievica) certainly
>> ignited a good deal of controversy and disagreement on this list, but
>> both variants were registered.
> Both had consistent reference implementations. Just as Oxford spelling
> has, and those French Academy orthographies.

That's the criterion now?

I'm glad I didn't have to provide consistent reference implementations 
for 'emodeng', because I'm pretty sure they don't exist.

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