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Another. As far as I can tell there is no standard orthography to be tagged. Not without sub-subtags. 

More thoughts:

- before 1990: 
António, homónimo, higiénico, génese were ao45
Antônio, homônimo, higiênico, gênese were abl43
- after 1990:
all 8 forms are ao1990 and the first 4 are still ao45

- there is no such thing as pt-ao1990 (as one of your correspondents suggests): the Brasília CPLP summit declared that each of the signatory countries could/should maintain their "orthographic tradition" in their own adoption of ao1990 (so the treaty can be applied differently in each country -- why then make a unification treaty in the first place if you declare that it is partially void?); hence Antônio, homônimo, higiênico, gênese are *pt-BR-ao1990* and António, homónimo, higiénico, génese are *pt-PT-ao1990*; this is the craziness we have to deal with -— an orthographic agreement where it is agreed that PT and BR disagree in their implementation of the reform; the Brasília declaration can be viewed at the CPLP's website

- if one tags a text as ao1990 and a form like ACTO (act) occurs how should you annotate it? <error type="ao1945">acto</error>? but if a form like ATO for ACTO occurs in a text using the 45 orthography it should simply be tagged as <error type:"missing_letter">ato</error>

- there is not a single unified specification of ao1990, something that the 1990 treaty itself stipulates as condition sine qua non; all 3 Portuguese wordlists were published by entities funded by the Portuguese government!; ergo the 3 list are official; I submit that if you adopt a tag like ao1990 you must also adopt a tag like pt-PT-ao1990 (per the Brasilia summit) and 3 additional tags referring to each of the 3 lists: pt-PT-ao1990-iltec, pt-PT-ao1990-acl, pt-PT-ao1990-incm; do you really want to go this way and subscribe to the craziness? this is real; this should not be happening in a modern civilized country in the EU.

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> I don’t dismiss the concerns António has raised. Lawsuits?
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