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João Miguel Neves joao at
Sat Mar 21 11:32:35 CET 2015

Hi Michael,

I don't know of any lawsuits. I know of an attempted failed injuction to
the application of the agreement to the exams:

In any case not having the tags is creating a mess. I can tell you of my
particular case which affects about 400 thousand users in Portugal
daily. Mozilla decided to use BCP 47 for it's localization
infrastructure (that's how I learned about it). To be able to provide
Portuguese localizations of Firefox with both spellings I needed the tag
to separate. At the time I tried to answer every objection that was put
on this list and I thought that I had ticked all the boxes, but the tags
never materialised. End result was that Firefox moved on to the new
ortography while other Mozilla apps staid with the old, at least for a
year, with no way of distinguishing them (for the user) and no way to
maintain both ortographies (unless you want to replicate all Mozilla
L10n infrastructure). In this case at some point in the last five years
you'd find yourself with software, help and support sites with both
ortographies mixed in. Granted, you can argue that it was a mistake of
Mozilla of actually using BCP 47.

People are tagging the texts and have been for years. In books (not just
school manuals), newspapers and online. Right now they just can't use
BCP 47 to do it.

I understand António's concerns, but I do think they are irrelevant. In
the last few years many languages are less defined than pt-PT-ao1990.


PS: I do think the right tag for the previous ortography would be
pt-PT-colb1945 (as proposed before). The 1945 is not an "Acordo
Ortográfico" but "Convenção Ortográfica Luso-Brasileira". This was
pointed out to me (correctly, as I learned afterwards) in this list.

On 21/03/2015 00:11, Michael Everson wrote:
> I don’t dismiss the concerns António has raised. Lawsuits?
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