Registration request for new subtags for Portuguese orthographies

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Lawsuits are not at all our concern --- nobody is going to sue you, Michael.

It's certainly true that spelling concerns for Portuguese have been contentious among Portuguese-speaking nations. And I have heard of civil lawsuits regarding the spelling conventions --- suits to block teaching in schools, or suits as to whether treaties are binding; I don't know all the details.

But as has been noted, AO 1990 is sanctioned by law in Portugal. And all of these conventions do have usage. So, regardless of how different parties feel about any of these conventions, the fact is  they exist, and that much alone and make them interesting interesting to librarians, linguists our other researchers. But all the more because they are in actual use, validity of a request for variant subtags is beyond question.

Andrew is requesting these because he is representing actual implementers who have need of these. Asking for improvements in references or for discussion of the proposed subtags would be reasonable, if those were concerns. But I don't see any valid reason to oppose of _some_ subtags with these denotations. The general consensus on the list has been support for the requests.


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I don’t dismiss the concerns António has raised. Lawsuits?

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