Deprecating grandfathered tags redux

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Thu Mar 5 21:48:38 CET 2015

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> Kent Karlsson suggested deprecating this with a Comments field such as
> "see xcg, xga, xlp, xtg". Mark Davis agreed with this. John Cowan
> preferred no Comments field at all, since the relationship between
> Gaulish languages is unclear. Caoimhín O Donnaile suggested the list
> "xcg, xga, xtg" instead, possibly also with "nrc", but without "xlp".

I withdraw my view in favor of Caoimhín's view.

> Mark initially suggested deprecating this and adding a language-variant
> combination "en-oxford" as the Preferred-Value. (Here and below, adding
> Preferred-Values obviously involves adding variant subtags as
> necessary.) After some discussion about the ambiguous meaning of
> 'oxford', Michael and John suggested 'oxendict' instead. Other
> contenders were 'oxdict' (John) and 'oedict' (Addison Phillips).

I withdraw 'oxdict' in favor of 'oxendict'.

> 3. i-default
> Mark suggested deprecating this with a P-V of "en-idefault". John
> strongly opposed deprecating this tag at all, saying that the only users
> of it are unlikely to switch to something else.

I will change my mind on this when the Ninth Circle of Hell thaws.

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