Deprecating grandfathered tags redux

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Mar 5 21:27:30 CET 2015

With the click-letter modifications submitted to IANA earlier this week,
here is a summary of our last pending issue: deprecation of the
remaining non-deprecated grandfathered tags. This post can be a point
for restarting the discussion, and if anything like a consensus emerges
(one tag at a time) and Michael agrees to it, then we can talk about
preparing forms.

If anyone's previously stated opinion is misrepresented or missing
below, please correct it on the list.

1. cel-gaulish

Kent Karlsson suggested deprecating this with a Comments field such as
"see xcg, xga, xlp, xtg". Mark Davis agreed with this. John Cowan
preferred no Comments field at all, since the relationship between
Gaulish languages is unclear. Caoimhín O Donnaile suggested the list
"xcg, xga, xtg" instead, possibly also with "nrc", but without "xlp".

2. en-GB-oed

Mark initially suggested deprecating this and adding a language-variant
combination "en-oxford" as the Preferred-Value. (Here and below, adding
Preferred-Values obviously involves adding variant subtags as
necessary.) After some discussion about the ambiguous meaning of
'oxford', Michael and John suggested 'oxendict' instead. Other
contenders were 'oxdict' (John) and 'oedict' (Addison Phillips).

3. i-default

Mark suggested deprecating this with a P-V of "en-idefault". John
strongly opposed deprecating this tag at all, saying that the only users
of it are unlikely to switch to something else.

4. i-enochian

Mark suggested deprecating this with a P-V of "art-enochian". John
suggested no P-V, since Enochian doesn't qualify for either a registered
language subtag or a variant.

5. i-mingo

Kent suggested deprecating this with a P-V of "see-mingo", where 'see'
is Seneca. John agreed.

6. zh-min (already deprecated)

Kent suggested adding a Comments field such as "see cdo, cpx, czo, mnp,
nan". John agreed.

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