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Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Jan 26 19:42:28 CET 2015

John Cowan <cowan at ccil dot org> wrote:

>> 'oxendict' looks too much like a dictionary of oxen, or the diction
>> of oxen. I realize "oxen" is how the town of Oxford got its name, but
>> language tagging isn't supposed to be a lesson in etymology.
> Well, yes. But now it's you who are arguing from the form of the
> subtag to its meaning. In any case, 'oxdict' would not suggest oxen to
> me.

I was actually trying to argue, slightly humorously, that the form was
mildly distracting. I don't think we will ever actually try to tag the
diction of oxen.

I'm fine with 'oxdict'.

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