ISO 639-3 changes

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Jan 19 23:16:28 CET 2015

Doug Ewell scripsit:

> We have always used the ASCII fallbacks in the Registry because they
> were what the RA used; now may be the time to reopen the question
> of whether to use the real letters uniformly, use ASCII fallbacks
> uniformly, or include both.

I think we should follow the RA, since our file is UTF-8.  When and if
the RA starts to change existing names, we can reconsider whether to
remove the ASCII fallbacks or not (my instinct says not to).

> A greater problem is that the 639-3 data files, for the first time,
> include the alpha-2 code element 'zg' for Standard Moroccan Tamazight,

I agree that we can't include this as a PLT.  I think we should add a
Comment: field to 'zgh' explaining that 'zg' is not valid.

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