Fix click letters on deprecated subtags? (was: Re: ISO 639-3 changes)

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Feb 9 18:34:24 CET 2015

On January 24, I wrote:

> =/Kx'au//'ein is being deprecated, so that's at least one we don't
> have to worry about.

Actually there are three language subtags with click letters that are
being deprecated with this year's ISO 639-3 changes:

aue - =/Kx'au//'ein
gfx - Mangetti Dune !Xung
oun - !O!ung

When we propose secondary Description fields with proper click letters
and apostrophes (U+02BC) for 10 language subtags, after the changes
based on ISO 639-3 have been submitted later this week, should we also
propose secondary Description fields for these three deprecated subtags?

RFC 5646 makes no statement encouraging or discouraging this sort of
maintenance activity for deprecated subtags.

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