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I included VoA primarily as a demonstration of extensibility for the strawman.  We do not necessarily need to include it down. AFAIK it's not being requested.

I have no fundamental objection to additional levels of precision, though I'm not quite certain how to best make that concept portable or usable.  And again, there's no immediate request for those so I see no need to make a solution for a hypothetical scenario.

It would be possible to say en-simple-level2-voice or en-simple-voice2, but both have their own ways of being awkward, and "level 2" on one website (or book) may not be similar to a level 2 on another site.

I'd be happy with just -simple for now and see if that gets traction and if people start asking for better fidelity later....


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1) VoA now calls this "Learning English", NOT "Special English".

2) VoA has three levels of "simplicity". See

3) Some other simple language news sites also use several levels. E.g.

/Kent K

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