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I have no objection to all at once.


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Peter Constable <petercon at Microsoft dot com> wrote:

> Do these changes for ao1990 mean that the review period for this 
> request is extended again? If so, is the extension 7 days from the 
> previous extension end date (implying May 2) or from today (implying 
> May 5)?

It has to be extended again through May 5. The revised form needs to be on the list for a week.

Now my question:

Since 'abl1943' and 'colb1945' are approved, but 'ao1990' still needs another week, should we submit the first two to IANA and have them generate a new Registry, and then submit 'ao1990' a week from now and have them do it again? Or should we submit all three changes at once?

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