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Ignore the previous; here is a revised set of comments.

On 17 Apr 2015, at 17:23, Doug Ewell <doug at> wrote:

> Here are new forms for 'abl1943' with the Prefix changed from "pt” to "pt-BR", as requested by João on April 10. The review period for this subtag is moved out to April 24.
> ---
> File-Date: 2015-xx-xx
> %%
> Type: variant
> Subtag: abl1943
> Description: 1943 Portuguese orthographic reform, Academia Brasileira de
> Letras

To be consistent with colb1945, I suggest using this in both places:

Description: Orthographic formulation of 1943 - Official in Brazil (Formulário Ortográico de 1943 - Oficial no Brasil)

> Comments: Denotes conventions established in 1943 and generally used in
>  Brazil until 2009

Replace with this, in both places:

Comments: Denotes conventions established by the Academia Brasileira de Letras in 1943 and generally used in Brazil until 2009

> 6. Any other relevant information:


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