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Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Apr 17 18:25:32 CEST 2015

Michael Everson wrote:

>> 1. Addition of 'oxendict' with Prefix "en" (April 10)
> That was approved.
>> 2. Deprecation of "en-GB-oed" with Preferred-Value "en-GB-oxendict"
>> (April 17)
> That was approved.

These forms have been sent to Michael, and he has forwarded them to

>> 3. Addition of 'abl1943' currently with Prefix "pt" (April 10)
> João said it made no sense for this not to be pt-BR. So this is still
> open pending clarification. Doug, where’s the current form for this?

New forms with "pt-PT" have just been posted to the list.

>> 4. Addition of 'ao1990' currently with Prefixes "pt-BR", "pt-CV", "pt-PT" (April 10)
> Doug, where’s the current form for this?

Proposed record and registration form at:
(ignore the forms for 'abl1943' and 'colb1945', which are superseded)

> And yes, folks, the giant meta-discussion about subtags in general has
> made it so I don’t know where the relevant mails are.

The old archive at used to be much more convenient for
things like this than the current Gmane archive (which is still better
than none at all).

>> 5. Addition of 'colb1945' currently with Prefix "pt" (April 17)
> This has had two better sources added and is extended. (The same
> should probably happen to #3 and #4.) But João was of the opinion that
> this should have the same prefixes as ao1990; I don’t see why it
> should, though.

Proposed record at:

Proposed registration form at:

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