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I understand that the review period for "colb1945" (#5 in the list below) is extended to April 23. And I understand that Michael closed on deprecation of "en-GB-oed" (#2), though I haven't seen closure on the pre-requisite registration of "oxendict" (#1).

What is the status of #1, #3 and #4?


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We need to know when the review periods end for the various subtag proposals currently being discussed, and what the decisions are, if any.

The earliest allowable date for each review period is indicated below, but Michael can extend these for more discussion, or (I would think) to bring groups of proposals into the same review period. By RFC 5646, Section 3.5, he needs to state explicitly on the list whether the review periods are to be extended or what proposals, if any, are approved.

Prefix and Preferred-Value fields below are what the current proposals on the table have. Obviously, the biggest point of contention about these is whether they should be changed. Any of these subtags could be approved with different fields (which of course would extend the review period by up to a week).

1. Addition of 'oxendict' with Prefix "en" (April 10)

2. Deprecation of "en-GB-oed" with Preferred-Value "en-GB-oxendict" 
(April 17)

3. Addition of 'abl1943' currently with Prefix "pt" (April 10)

4. Addition of 'ao1990' currently with Prefixes "pt-BR", "pt-CV", "pt-PT" (April 10)

5. Addition of 'colb1945' currently with Prefix "pt" (April 17)

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