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Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Apr 12 21:24:21 CEST 2015

Yury wrote:

> Now, using the 'region' subtag AND ruleset ID 'variant' seems to be
> tentative guess at best. How do you 'place' the text, anyway? By
> internet domain of publishing site? By researching the author's
> background? What if the paper book is printed by trans-nationally
> situated publisher?

It is never appropriate to apply a region subtag based on guesswork, or 
on secondary information like where the creator of the content was born 
or lives, or where the material was created or published.

Region subtags indicate distinct, regionally based variations in 
language or usage. Where those distinctions are not present, or not of 
interest, in the content to be tagged, region subtags are usually more 
of a distraction or hindrance than anything.

> I mean the historical use of lang_REGION combination becomes somewhat
> too coarse-grained, and your own example of
> pt-ao1990
> pt-PT-ao1990
> pt-BR-ao1990
> pt-CV-ao1990
> pt-AO-ao1990
> doesn't make sense, somewhat. There are no definable (pinpointable)
> things like pt-AO-ao1990. If there were a ruleset translation or
> harmonisation in AO, then there would be things like pt-ao1990ao or
> similar.

John Cowan already wrote, "there are differences between national 
versions of Portuguese that are not orthographic: grammar, vocabulary, 
and the forms of the second person pronoun, for example."

Now, given that, are you saying that there could not be distinct samples 
of those different national varieties of Portuguese that also exhibit 
the characteristics of AO1990 orthography, as distinct from other 

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