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Wrt #2, would you mind reposting to the list the last versions of the three forms? As there was a lot of discussion and some small revisions discussed, people might easily get confused as to what the actual content is of the candidate forms.


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Here are the items currently in review:

1. Add 'oxendict' and deprecate "en-GB-oed"

Forms posted to the list March 27; review period ends this Friday, April 10.

Note that the current proposal shows "en-oxendict" as the Preferred-Value for "en-GB-oed", removing the 'GB' component. Is this desirable, or should the P-V be "en-GB-oxendict"? I don't think we necessarily want the Prefix for 'oxendict' to be "en-GB" since non-British English usage could still employ OED spellings.

2. Add 'abl1943', 'ao1990', 'colb1945'

Forms posted to the list March 27 ('colb1945' revised April 2); review period ends April 10.

There were still a variety of opinions on what the Prefix values should be, and even how many subtags should be registered.

3. Add 'yhs' (both language and extlang)

Forms posted to the list March 31; review period ends next Tuesday, April 14. Should be non-controversial.

The proposals to deprecate "cel-gaulish" and "i-enochian" and to add comments to "zh-min" have already been approved and submitted, and a new Registry with these changes was released on April 3.

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