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Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Apr 2 21:59:52 CEST 2015

Peter Constable <petercon at Microsoft dot com> wrote:

> Andrew Glass submitted requests on March 16. More than two weeks have
> passed. What is the status of these requests?

On March 27, in <>,
Michael wrote:

> I’d like to start a two-week clock from today because I really have to
> focus on Blissymbols until I get back to Ireland on 3 April.

That would put the end of the review period on or about April 10.

Andrew has already suggested a change to the Comments field for
'colb1945', which needs to be incorporated into the registration form
and posted to the list. That request can't be approved until at least a
week after the revision is posted. I'll do this today or tomorrow, so as
not to put the April 10 date in jeopardy.

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