Request for new language tag variant.

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I have yet to see a website (or other software) implement multiple variations of -pirate

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I don’t think this subtag request goes far enough. I think it’s important that the distinction between Cornish pirates and Devonshire pirates be catered for. 

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> (This be me message, no’ me ship nor me captain’s, nor any other in me crew.)
> Type: variant
> Subtag: pirate
> Description: Pirate variant of English
> Prefix: en (fr? es? Be there more? Me only knows o’ en for sure)
> Comments:  Pirate variant o' English. Pirates be an illiterate lot that often say “Arr.” Talk Like a Pirate Day be by th’ end ‘o summer in all seas.  Thar be many orthographies, pirates be no all ‘like.
> Thar be many “natter as a pirate” websites. I wants ‘n t' mystically know me language so I no have t' board every bloody galleon!
> This be to tag Pirate variant o’ the Queen’s English. be showing ye all thar is t’ know ‘bout how we Pirates speak. be one list ‘o speaking, o’ in yer natter “orthography”.
> Likely this be controversial, so me took a carefully ganter a’ th’ RFCs.
> RFC 4646 3.6 – “Possibilities for Registration… Dialect or other divisions or variations within a language, its    orthography, writing system, regional or historical usage, transliteration or other transformation, or distinguishing variation MAY be registered as variant subtags.”
> Thar be no orthography decree f’ pirate, but pirate be a dialect an’ historical an’ other variation o’ the Queen’s English.  Pirate may also be a transliteration.
> RFC 4646 3.3 – So far as me knows, thar be no other conflicting entries in the registry.
> RFC 4646 3.5 – “Variant subtags are usually registered for use with a particular range of language tags”
> Me be saying we need pirate fo’ th’ Queen’s English, but me sailed w’ Spanish an’ French pirates.
> - X
> (X is me mark, no all pirates be literate, y’ know)
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