Request for new language tag variant.

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Who said I was joking?

There are several “silly” language variants folks are using “for fun” and most of those have private use tags, though some, like pirate, are reasonably common.  (At least as common as tlh, which has a real tag, though I had to use Qaak for the script for Bing translator).

IMO this is a “real” issue for some folks, though it may seem frivolous.  Granted, there are even more esoteric ones and I don’t know where to draw the line.  Pirate is probably the most consistent/obvious one.  I, personally, have encountered stuff tagged with xx-pirate or some such far more often that I’ve seen –oed, for example.


(as an individual)

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(This be me message, no’ me ship nor me captain’s, nor any other in me crew.)

Type: variant

Subtag: pirate

Description: Pirate variant of English

Prefix: en (fr? es? Be there more? Me only knows o’ en for sure)

Comments:  Pirate variant o' English. Pirates be an illiterate lot that often say “Arr.” Talk Like a Pirate Day be by th’ end ‘o summer in all seas.  Thar be many orthographies, pirates be no all ‘like.

Thar be many “natter as a pirate” websites. I wants<> ‘n<> t' mystically know me language so I no have t' board every bloody galleon!


Funny as it is for April 1, Google has a little bit of support for that via and it would be kind of handy if we could use a real language tag.

Is the registry restricted to "serious" tags?

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