FYI: withdrawal of ISO 639-6

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While ISO 639-6 did get approved and published, the code table for 639-6 has never been made fully available in a usable manner. What data has been available has been looked at by lots of people with a response that they don't find it particularly useful for any practical application. Moreover, the agency that was designated as registration authority appears to have ceased its operations. In a nutshell, 639-6 had in many respects failed.

For the record, I supported this decision, but I don't think I was a particular factor in this. There was input from multiple countries suggesting that this be withdrawn. Not surprisingly


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> At the TC37/SC2 meeting this past summer in Berlin, a decision was 
> taken to initiate a committee ballot to withdraw ISO 639-6, "Alpha-4 
> code for comprehensive coverage of language variants". That ballot has 
> just closed and has passed (simple majority required). At this point, 
> national bodies will be notified and given two months in which they 
> can raise objections to withdrawal.

Thanks for the heads-up.  Were any reasons given?

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