i-tsu: minor correction in RFC 5646 language tag entry

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed May 7 23:33:34 CEST 2014

On Sat Mar 1 09:29:49 CET 2014, Kaihsu Tai <k at kauha dot eu> wrote:

> Two corrections need to be made to the entry i-tsu here:
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/lang-tags/i-tsu
> 1 “Pu Zhongcheng (Basuya Boyizhenu)” should read “Pu Zhongcheng
> (Pasuya Poiconü = Basuya Boyizhenu)”. This adds the reference author’s
> spelling of his own name.
> 2 The native name “Cou” (alternative spelling) should be added, to
> read: “Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII): Tsou, Cou”.

This refers to a registration form dated 2001-12-19 from the RFC 3066
language tag registry.

RFC 3066 and its registry were superseded in 2006 by RFC 4646 (and
subsequently 5646) and the newer Language Subtag Registry. The old RFC
3066 registry is no longer being updated.

In any case, registration forms (in both old and new registries) are
usually meant to track the original request, and tend not to be updated
over time. If this information had been part of the Language Subtag
Registry (say, in a Comments field), it might have been appropriate to
update it.

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http://ewellic.org | @DougEwell


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