i-tsu: minor correction in RFC 5646 language tag entry

Kaihsu Tai k at kauha.eu
Sat Mar 1 09:29:49 CET 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Two corrections need to be made to the entry i-tsu here:

1 “Pu Zhongcheng (Basuya Boyizhenu)” should read “Pu Zhongcheng
(Pasuya Poiconü = Basuya Boyizhenu)”. This adds the reference author’s
spelling of his own name.

2 The native name “Cou” (alternative spelling) should be added, to
read: “Native name of language (transcribed into ASCII): Tsou, Cou”.

You might like to update the original requester’s email address as
well (as in the header of this message), but that is not essential.


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