Wikipedia article on BCP 47

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Jan 17 20:23:00 CET 2014

Language tag enthusiasts,

I've made some fairly substantial changes to the English-language
Wikipedia article on BCP 47, called "IETF language tag". My goals were
to improve the article's clarity and to remove as much factual error,
speculation presented as fact, and misuse of terminology as I could. I
also added a new section describing extensions T and U.

The result is far from perfect; some topics are still covered in much
more (or less) detail than they deserve, and some arguably appear under
the wrong category. Still, I hope it's an improvement.

If you're interested, and not familiar with the old article -- or,
especially, if you had given up on it -- please take a look. It's
Wikipedia, so if you see something that needs improvement, please go
ahead and fix it.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA | @DougEwell ­

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