Updated record for 'u' in Extensions Registry

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sun Jan 12 19:38:00 CET 2014

As I understand Section 3.7, this is the process for fixing the Comments 
field for singleton 'u' ("Unicode Locale") in the Language Tag 
Extensions Registry.

I'm submitting the replacement record below to the e-mail address listed 
as "Contact_Email" in the existing record. The maintaining authority 
(the Unicode Consortium, but probably in this case the CLDR Technical 
Committee specifically) needs to forward it to IANA at <iana at iana.org>.

Although Section 3.7 says the record needs to be updated "whenever 
content changes" and doesn't mention sending it to this list or any 
required waiting period, I'm sending it to the list anyway, in case 
readers want to confirm that no content has actually changed, only the 
line folding.

The ball would now be in the maintaining authority's court.


File-Date: 2014-01-27
Identifier: u
Description: Unicode Locale
Comments: Subtags for the identification of language and cultural
  variations. Used to set behavior in locale APIs. Data is located in
  the "common/bcp47" directory inside the referenced URL. Unicode
  Technical Standard #35 (LDML) provides additional reference material
  defining the keys and values. For more details please see
Added: 2010-09-02
RFC: [RFC6067]
Authority: Unicode Consortium
Contact_Email: cldr-contact&unicode.org
Mailing_List: cldr-users&unicode.org
URL: http://www.unicode.org/Public/cldr/latest/core.zip

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA
http://ewellic.org | @DougEwell ­ 

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