ISO 639-3 changes: batch 2

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Feb 12 17:23:21 CET 2014

Kent Karlsson <kent dot karlsson14 at telia dot com> wrote:

>> Description: Sanapaná
> ...
>> Description: Sanapaná
> ...
> Well, that is confusing. And the "Sanapaná proper" in the registration
> forms (only) is not much help. Yes, I see the "Comments: see aqt,
> spn"; it is still confusing. Changing the description of the
> deprecated tag to "Sanapaná/Angaité" or rather have two description
> fields (adding one for Angaité) for the deprecated code (sap) might
> help.

This happens every year. In fact, there are usually several instances
per year, unlike now when there is only one. I could look up how often
we have done this. I'm wondering why it is a problem now if it has never
been before.

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