ISO 639-3: announcement but no data

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Feb 5 18:23:27 CET 2014

ISO 639-3/RA has announced the following, regarding their 2013 change
request cycle:

"Altogether 37 requests were considered, recommending 57 explicit
changes in the code set. Among those decided, 7 have been rejected, 18
have been fully approved and 3 have been partially approved. Five are
awaiting additional information before a decision can be made."

However, no updated code list files or "Summary of Outcomes" document
are available yet. These are necessary to begin the process of revising
the Language Subtag Registry. I've written to the RA to ask when these
files might be posted.

Perhaps one disconcerting outcome of the RA's review is that eight
requests dating from 2012 or earlier are still in the waiting list,
including Medieval Greek (2006) and Ecclesiastical Greek and
Katharevousa Greek (both 2009). I don't know how this aligns with the
statement that only five are awaiting additional information.

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