Registration request for new variant subtag; Anii, Balanka

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Feb 5 17:44:52 CET 2014

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

>> the four Cornish orthographic variants ('kkcor', 'kscor', 'uccor',
>> 'ucrcor') have been given this wart/feature.
> KK, KS, UC, and UCR are too short. 

Well, of course they are. And at the time (September 2008), you
established with the user community that these four orthographies were
most commonly known by those abbreviations. And so we went with them,
with "cor" tacked on to make them long enough.

Early Modern English got 'emodeng' because there was concern -- more or
less justifiable -- that users would abuse 'earlymod' to mean Early
Modern Italian, or Early Modern Chocangacakha, or whatever. Such abuse
would violate the principle that a variant should have essentially one
meaning, and it was decided that concepts like "early modern" are too
broad for this. So, fine, 'emodeng'.

For most other cases, when the "obvious" subtag choice is syntactically
long enough and the risk of abuse is not apparent, it seems (to me)
unnecessary and gratuitous to incorporate the language into the value of
the subtag. If there is little likelihood of users hijacking 'balanka'
for languages other than Anii, then there is no reason to try to enforce
this in the subtag value. "Prefix: blo" is sufficient for this.

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