Registration request for new variant subtag; Anii, Balanka

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Feb 4 20:13:03 CET 2014

John Cowan <cowan at mercury dot ccil dot org> wrote:

>> And, to take a step further, isn't the mention of Anii in the
>> variant subtag (with either 'ani' or 'anii') redundant with the
>> language subtag? Why not use 'balanka' instead? We have enough
>> characters for it, don't we?
> Normally we try to make sure that the subtag is globally unique, but
> Dr. Google seems to think that "balanka" refers only to the place in
> Togo that's relevant, and to very little else (a dog, someone's
> username, etc.)  I think "balanka" would be fine in this case, and
> much clearer.

We talk a lot about ensuring uniqueness, and trying to enforce correct
usage, by incorporating the language in the value of the variant subtag.
But in the end, only Early Modern English ('emodeng') and the four
Cornish orthographic variants ('kkcor', 'kscor', 'uccor', 'ucrcor') have
been given this wart/feature.

Assuming John's consultation with Dr. Google is accurate, and I have no
reason to doubt that, I personally would be fine with 'balanka'.
Obviously Michael and Mats have a great deal of say in this.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA | @DougEwell ­

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