Unifon script?

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 4 02:21:50 CEST 2013

From: ietf-languages-bounces at alvestrand.no [mailto:ietf-languages-bounces at alvestrand.no] On Behalf Of Doug Ewell

> I agree with Addison that this sort of meta-information makes more 
> sense in a Comments field, or even in the "additional information" 
> section of the registration form. 

It can be included in the Comments field, but I'd debate that that's the best place for it. 

The LSTR exists to document valid subtags, but it is structured as a machine-readable database so that it can be processed. The reason for allowing machine processing is so that software implementations can make use of the knowledge contained. The comment field is amenable to human readers understanding a given subtag, but is not amenable to machine processes getting usable knowledge. If this is a type of knowledge that could be useful in software implementations, then that may argue for representing it in a machine-readable field, not the Comments field. I'd contend that it is useful in software implementations. If it were present in LSTR today, my company has an implementation that would certainly make use of it.


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