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Mats Blakstad mats.gbproject at
Thu Nov 14 07:46:48 CET 2013

Hi again

Why don't you give me any answer? According to RFC 5646 I'm suppose to get
an answer within 14 days

Soon after the two-week review period has passed, the Language Subtag
   Reviewer MUST take one of the following actions:

   o  Explicitly accept the request and forward the form containing the
      record to be inserted or modified to <iana at> according to
      the procedure described in Section 3.3

   o  Explicitly reject the request because of significant objections
      raised on the list or due to problems with constraints in this
      document (which MUST be explicitly cited).

   o  Extend the review period by granting an additional two-week
      increment to permit further discussion.  After each two-week
      increment, the Language Subtag Reviewer MUST indicate on the list
      whether the registration has been accepted, rejected, or extended.

2013/11/9 Mats Blakstad <mats.gbproject at>

> Did you ever see this email? I've waited for the answer in 14 days now.
> Best regards
> Mats Blakstad
> 2013/10/25 Mats Blakstad <mats.gbproject at>
>> 1. *Name of requester*: Mats Blakstad
>> 2. *E-mail address of requester*: info @
>> 3. *Record Requested*:
>> *Type*: variant
>> *Subtag*:barla
>> *Description*: The Barlavente dialect of Kabuverdianu
>> *Prefix*: kea
>> *Comments*: The Barlavente dialect is one of the two main dialects for
>> Kabuverdianu. There is low mutual intelligibility between the dialects.
>> 4. *Intended meaning of the subtag*:
>> The local variety of Kabuverdianu as spoken on the Barlavento Islands
>> 5. *Reference to published description of the language (book or article)*
>> :
>> Lewis, M. Paul (ed.), 2009. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth
>> edition. Dallas, Texas: SIL International.
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