Registration request for new subtag 'barla'

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Nov 22 20:03:07 CET 2013

Mats Blakstad <mats dot gbproject at gmail dot com> wrote:

> However, the way I understand it, KEA could actually be any dialect of
> Kabuverdianu. We could also add SOTAV as variant subtag for Sotavento
> dialect group. But are these subtags then mandatory/recommended? Do
> you have guidelines for this issues? If you have clear guidelines for
> this, the issue should be easy to solve.

They are never mandatory, in the sense of the overall tag being invalid
without them.

For guidelines on when they are recommended, see RFC 5646, Section 4.1,
"Choice of Language Tag." The whole section is worth reading, but one of
its main points is to avoid using extra subtags when they are not
needed. So you might use "kea-barla" when it is important to distinguish
Barlavento from Sotavento (as in your project), but not when
distinguishing it from Portuguese.

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