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Mats Blakstad mats.gbproject at
Thu Nov 21 17:46:27 CET 2013

The way I see it we only need BARLA to indicate the Barlavento dialect. As
the Santiago dialect is the most used (Dialect of the capital, Praia), this
is what most people will expect to get when using KEA, make anther subtag
for Sotavento might be Redundant. However, the way I understand it, KEA
could actually be any dialect of Kabuverdianu. We could also add SOTAV as
variant subtag for Sotavento dialect group. But are these subtags then
mandatory/recommended? Do you have guidelines for this issues? If you have
clear guidelines for this, the issue should be easy to solve. For our
website we will only need to have one new subtag to seperate the
translations, but of course it is good to get it done correctly from the

"There is low mutual intelligibility between the dialects"
No, this sentence don't need to be in the comments field.

I will add an updated request for subtag when we have found out if it is
best practice to have one or two subtags.

2013/11/20 Doug Ewell <doug at>

> Mats, do you feel it's important for the sentence "There is low mutual
> intelligibility between the dialects" to appear in the Comments field
> for this subtag in the Registry?
> I wonder if it might call renewed and possibly undesired attention to
> the question of whether they should be coded as separate languages.
> The information could alternatively appear in items 4 or 6 of the
> registration form, which don't make their way into the Registry.
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> Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA
> | @DougEwell ­
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