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Hi once more.
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Tue Nov 19 21:55:07 CET 2013
> Hi.
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>> . . . 
>>> This is how Wikipedia classifies these.  So doing so might help those
>>> who follow Wikipedia's scheme get search results.

>> If you mean Wikipedia's internal language coding system (as opposed to
>> the content of its articles), this is not relevant since that system
>> does not use BCP 47.

> No, I meant "who follow" the content of its articles/its linguistic classification scheme as defined in its articles, and not its internal coding scheme. That is I meant sites that currently tag linguistic that is in these languages/dialects as dialects of Serbo-Croatian.

> Thus my purpose was to say that whether these have sh- as the macro-language, or whether one is considered a variant of Bosnian, should depend on how current internet content in these languages is classified/tagged.
> . . . 
In other words, if Chakavian content is tagged as Croatian, then it should be classified as a variant of Croatian; but if it is tagged [sh], following Wikipedia's scheme, then it should be treated, along with other content tagged [sh], as having [sh] as its macrolanguage.

Unless there is good reason to consider it a separate language. I think this is in keeping with what you think is advisable.

I admit I do not know how the content is currently tagged.

Thanks for your reply and explanations. 


--C. E. Whitehead
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