New variant subtags for Serbian language

Goran Rakic grakic at
Tue Nov 19 04:59:04 CET 2013

Dana Ned, 17 Novembar, 2013 22:03 , Michael Everson je napisao/la
> Well, we get 8 letters, we could go
> ekavsk ijekavsk

Hi, this is an interesting proposal.

It is indeed the case that RFC does not require for variant subtag to be
in English (eg. -rozaj) as long as it consists of ALPHA and DIGIT as
defined by RFC 5234.

So we could use ekavsk from Serbian "ekavski" (Ekavian) and ijekavsk from
Serbian "ijekavski" (Ijekavian).

But then it is a question why we are picking Latin and not Cyrillic form
when they should be equal? Cyrillic form is not allowed by syntax rule for
variant subtag but this question would probably be asked from time to

I did a small unscientific blind-survey with my colleagues at the Faculty
of Mathematics on what do "sr-ekavn" and "sr-ijekavn" stand for. 4/5 were
right in their guesses, and I am sure it would be all 5/5 if I had
promised a motivation like some chocolate for the correct guess. :)

But once again, I do like your proposal and it is a very good alternative.
I would just like to talk about this one a little more.

Kind regards,
Goran Rakic

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