New variant subtags for Serbian language

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Nov 18 04:23:18 CET 2013

John Cowan wrote:

>>> 3) Create variant tags for them attached to the "sh" macrolanguage,
>>> thus clarifying the denotation of "sh" as including the whole
>>> continuum.
>> I've become increasingly wary of requests for additional
>> macrolanguages after seeing many of the proposals on the 639-3 site,
> This is not at all a proposal for a new macrolanguage, but for the use
> of tags containing a macrolanguage subtag and a variant subtag, in
> order to cover varieties of the macrolanguage that do not have
> individual language subtags.  For example, sh-kajkavsk for Kajkavian.

You're right, I noticed that after posting. It would then be the 
Registry, not ISO 639-3, "clarifying" the relationship between 'sh' and 
all of the dialects and micro-dialects. I suppose we could take on that 

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