New variant subtags for Serbian language

Goran Rakic grakic at
Sat Nov 16 22:03:37 CET 2013

Dana Sub, 16 Novembar, 2013 18:46 , Doug Ewell je napisao/la
> Even observing the Prefix field, a user could still combine multiple
> variants that are mutually exclusive...
> Section 2.2.5 points out that one should not write "de-1901-1996", which
> is very much analogous to "sr-ekavn-ijekavn"... the guiding principle in
> BCP 47 is "tag content wisely," as described in detail in Section 4.1.

Ok, thanks for clarifications.

> Incidentally, these requests need to be separated into two registration
> forms, one for each proposed variant.

I will do the copy-paste and send two new registration forms for each
proposed variant subtag tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Goran Rakic

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