New variant subtags for Serbian language

Goran Rakic grakic at
Sat Nov 16 16:08:09 CET 2013

Hi Philip,

Thank you for your comments.

Dana Sub, 16 Novembar, 2013 09:15 , Philip Newton je napisao/la
> I wonder whether it might not be better to either omit a language
> prefix or to provide for additional prefixes such as "hr", "sh", and/or
> "bs", and to modify the description so that it is not
> restricted to Serbian only.

I think that prefix is required as two new variants are mutually exclusive.

Without a common prefix one could form the sr-ekavn-ijekavn language tag
that makes no sense.

Additional prefixes would work for my intended use case, but I do not know
if they are suitable.

The Serbian official standard recognizes two pronunciations. As far as I
know that is not the case for current Croatian and Bosnian standards where
both are based on Ijekavian.

I would suggest to approve two new variant subtags for the Serbian
language now, and if there are well formed requests ever for new variants
in other languages it would be easy to modify subtags and add new

Kind regards,
Goran Rakic

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