Cabo Verde

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Nov 4 18:29:00 CET 2013

I suggest updating the Registry with the official UN-approved name of
the country, to maintain the link with ISO 3166 (if and when that
standard is updated) in accordance with RFC 5646, Section 3.1.5.

Whether the country is misguided or not in attempting to get the world
to call it by a single name, instead of every country translating "Green
Cape" into its own language (or only partially, as in English), is not
at issue.

Richard is correct that Cabo Verde does not regulate the French
language, or any other, but they at least have a right to ask to be
called by a certain name. Ordinary citizens may not care; diplomats
probably will.

In the past, I've suggested (without success) modifying other region
subtags by adding secondary Description fields that correspond to the
name people commonly use for the country, so the Registry could maintain
the link with ISO 3166 while improving lookup:

Description: Islamic Republic of Iran
Description: Iran

Description: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Description: North Korea

Description: Republic of Korea
Description: South Korea

Description: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Description: Laos

Description: Russian Federation
Description: Russia

Description: Syrian Arab Republic
Description: Syria

Description: United Republic of Tanzania
Description: Tanzania

and so on. Adding "Cabo Verde" as the primary Description field for 'CV'
while keeping "Cape Verde" as a secondary description would be along
these lines.

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