Addendum to 2012 ISO 639-3 changes

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> Dear Ietf Community,
> Several of the outstanding requests for the 2012 change cycle have been resolved. Please visit the ISO639-3 website for the Addendum to the 2012 Summary report listing the accepted or rejected changes. If you use the download tables, the new revised tables are also available.
> Thank you for your interest in the ISO 639-3 standard.
> Melinda Lyons
> ISO 639-3 RA
> SIL International
> 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
> Dallas, TX 75236
Thanks. I found the list of 2012 change requests acted on; it is at:

To locate change requests for retired code elements, use the following format: (without the language code)
To locate change requests for new code elements, use the following format (with the language identifier/code): 

(I have not looked through these much yet. }: )


--C. E. Whitehead
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