Records and registration forms for 'ekavsk' and 'ijekavsk'

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Dec 7 03:47:36 CET 2013

They've been submitted to IANA. They should appear in a Registry update any day now.

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Dana Ned, 24 Novembar, 2013 18:52 , Doug Ewell je napisao/la
> These registration forms are identical to the ones previously posted,
> except that the last sentence in Section 4 of both forms has been slightly
> modified as suggested. I apologize to the list for the redundancy, but it
> is required by BCP 47.

Thank you all for a great discussion resulting the updated registration

I am asking if there is anything else I should do following the
registration procedure?

Best regards,
Goran Rakic

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