Fourth batch of ISO 639-3 modifications

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Aug 26 06:05:27 CEST 2013

CE Whitehead wrote:

> Doug -- I saw two change requests not on this list -- change request
> # 035 was processed in the first batch of changes (simple retirements)
> but somehow I missed where you retired the code [xia].

'xia' is in the sixth batch, which I guess you haven't reviewed yet.

The difference between change request 035 (Yos and Zou) and change 
request 008 (Achang and Xiandao) is that for the former, both the 
retirement and the denotation change were listed in the PDF, but for the 
latter, only the denotation change was listed. The retirement is what 
really matters to the Language Subtag Registry, since it results in a 
deprecated subtag.

As a reminder, the normative ISO 639-3 data is the data files, not the 
PDF. The PDF is merely a helpful guide to the changes that were made. 
Several changes were made this year that, for whatever reason, didn't 
appear in the PDF. I chose to group the records and registration forms 
on this list by the headings shown in the PDF, for easy reference, and 
then add a sixth batch for all of the changes made to the data files but 
left out of the PDF. If you don't see 'xia' in the fourth batch, it's 
because 'xia' doesn't appear under the fourth heading in the PDF.

> If I am not in error, here is a registration form for it.  (I am
> unsure as to whether to give "Xiando" as the second name/description.)

Your paperwork for subtag 'xia' is the same as mine in the sixth batch, 
except that I spelled "Xiandao" correctly -- misspelling it here would 
have required another change to the Registry later on -- and I included 
this text that explains the documentation issue: "This retirement 
request was not listed in the 2012 Summary of Outcomes document, 
although a change in denotation for 'acn' was listed."

It would be incorrect for us to add "Xiandao" as an additional 
Description field for 'acn' since ISO 639-3 does not list it as an 
additional name.

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