Fourth batch of ISO 639-3 modifications

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Aug 18 19:26:38 CEST 2013

Philip Newton wrote:

>>   Description: 'Ôrôê
> [snip]
> The final submission to IANA will have the correct accented letters, I
> presume, rather than those entity reference?
> (I picked out just one registration, but the issue obviously affected
> quite a handful.)

Yes, I kept the NCR-escaped versions because the ietf-languages digest 
isn't Unicode-aware (unless this has changed recently), and would have 
shown all the non-ASCII characters as ?. The proper UTF-8 versions will 
be submitted to IANA, which is required to handle them.

I realize this is an ugly compromise for the list. The entity references 
are decodable, but only with pain. Let me know if you want these 
resubmitted to the list with annotations:

Description: 'Ôrôê  ['Ôrôê]


Description: 'Ôrôê  ['Ôrôê]

or in some other way.

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