Suppress script assignment for pa

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Jun 26 07:41:09 CEST 2012

Andrew Glass scripsit:

> Since Punjabi is written in Gurmukhi, Devanagari, and in a variant of
> Perso-Arabic script, the inclusion of this suppress-script designation
> is unfortunate:

Are you conflating (Eastern) Panjabi, code 'pa', with Western Panjabi,
code 'pnb'?  It is the latter, as far as I know, which is written in
a variant of Arabic script.  Wikipedia partly conflates them.  It does
say that Devanagari script is mostly used by Panjabi-speakers outside
Panjab, which seems like the kind of specialized use that should not
block a Suppress-Script header.

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