Early Modern English

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sat Jan 21 20:32:38 CET 2012

I'm getting ready to write the registration form for Early Modern
English, and I'm not sure what subtag value to list.  So far we've
talked about:

- 'emode', rejected due to awkward look

- 'earlymod', rejected due to potential of inappropriate reuse

- 'emodeng', no official verdict yet

- 'tudor', might indicate too tight a historical period; could allow
  subtag to be used with Cornish as well (but I still don't see how)

- several other suggestions combining a year and the name of an author
  or work, such as '1611kjv'

I just found the phrase "Jacobethan period" in David Crystal's book
"Think on My Words: Exploring Shakespeare's Language", which might
suggest a subtag 'jacobeth'.  This would cover an even shorter time
period than 'tudor', but would at least cover Shakespeare's lifetime,
for those who worry about that.

Any additional thoughts?  What should we go with?

Doug Ewell | Thornton, Colorado, USA
www.ewellic.org | @DougEwell ­
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