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>> Sounds like "Anglish" is... a prose style, not a language or dialect.
> "Anglish" is like "Europanto", except instead of throwing in vocabulary from other languages to facilitate communication with non-English speakers, Anglish throws in made-up, "pure" Anglo-Saxon words in place of Latin- or Greek-derived words, to... well, I'm not sure exactly why.

For the pleasure of it.

> Like Europanto, each speaker of Anglish will devise his own vocabulary and mixture, perhaps on the spur of the moment. It may depend on the target audience or be more random than that. There won't be a standard dictionary or exemplar text. The question is whether it constitutes a "well-recognized variation", as BCP 47 puts it.

Exactly, and I don't think it is, because it is ad-hoc. If there were a genuine link between the Anglish Wiki and Barnes 1878 then that would be one thing. But it looks like a whole lot of disparate, unconnected, and ad-hoc solutions to replacing Latin/Greek/French borrowings with Germanic words. 

Is Barnes' description in his 92-page book the same "Anglish" thing that is used on the Wiki? Or is it just the first of the clean-speeches? 

So far I do not see that there is a single entity here that could bear the subtag. It's a prose style, not a language variant. Or?

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