Early Modern English

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On 12 Jan 2012, at 18:13, Doug Ewell wrote:

> We used the year of a reference work, thought to be representative, followed by its author or publisher. If we have to go that route for English, I'll try. Maybe 'shak1623' for the date of Shakespeare's First
> Folio would have to do, but this might imply wrongly that the subtag begins and ends with Shakespeare, and might also prove confusing since his works are often respelled for modern audiences.

1611kjv or 1623skak or 1590spen ?

> What I liked about 'emode' was that it's already the abbreviation widely used and recognized for this fairly well-defined language variety.

I'm more familiar with the abbreviation eNE than eModE. And have been for decades. So... well, emode isn't all that universal.

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