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Michael Everson scripsit:

> Yes, it is a cleanspeech, an English without romance words. Is every
> cleanspeech Anglish? Is that segment Anglish? In what way? Is it just
> like your 1878 source? Is your 2009 source the same entity? Or is
> every "Anglish" an ad-hoc preparation?

I would say that "Anglish", like "Ander-Saxon" and the other names, are
only unlike names for the same thing, showing its sundry findles (that
is, makings) over many years.

> I *don't* know that they are all Anglish. One of them identifies as
> such.

I yeasay that they all are.

> That article is not about "Anglish". It is about "Anglo-Saxon
> linguistic purism". Isn't "Anglish" just one instantiation of one such
> purism? Or is it a coherent entity used by many people, all stemming
> from Barnes 1878?

Cleaving together, yes.  Used by many, yes.  All stemming from Barnes, no.
I myself had scantly heard of Barnes before today; all my knowledge comes
from Anderson and Hofstadter, though I knew that "Anglish" was another
word for the same thing.  I see no forstand to think that Anderson drew
on any besetness [latine, _traditio_] but his own.

"No Man shall be held to answer for a deathly, or otherwise bad-reckoned
Wrongdoing, unless on a Foreplacing or Wrongsaying of a Great Swearinghide,
except in Befallings arising in the Land- or Sea-Warriory, or in the
Wapentake, when under Truethrall in Time of War or folkish Plight; nor
shall any Man be underthrown for the same Wrong to be twice put in Threat
of Life or Limb; nor shall be togetherdriven in any Wrongdoish Thing
to be a Witness against himself, nor be lossyielded of Life, Freedom,
or Ownership, without fitting Ongoing of Law; nor shall what is owned be
taken for folkish Brook, without fair Payback."

    --Fifth Changelet to the Writlaw of the Banded Folkdoms of
      Americksland (overset by John Cowan)

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