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Wed Jan 11 18:46:51 CET 2012

Sean B. Palmer scripsit:

> So, how can we test for coherence and established principles? Well, do
> we know that the segment above is Anglish? Yes. Is there doubt?
> Wherein does the doubt subsist, if there is any; what are its sundry
> qualities and lineaments? How were you able to concoct the list of
> sites that have variants of Anglish to submit them to me as examples
> of possible incoherence? Why did you choose those ones in particular,
> if you did not think they were Anglish?

Sound reasoning.

> Why is the concept regarded as
> notable enough for inclusion on Wikipedia, when Kalusa wasn't?

Looking over the Kalusa corpus, I see "Ma bogi es wen palki", and I
reply "Ib *ma* bogi es wen yolki-palki."

Alas, the main Kalusa site is down, leaving your repository as the only source.

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