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Michael Everson scripsit:

> To start with this sort of "cleanspeech" sounds like a very, very broad
> notion -- not like any one thing. What's the standard English for "The
> Kingly Wolkenmight"? Is this term found in your 1878 or 2009 sources?

I guess it means "Royal Air Force", though I would go for "Liftmight"
myself.  Like most by-leids, Ander-Saxon is not yet fastened down.  There
are well-made wordbooks at
and by which the
"References" section might well be eked.

> > Comments: Sometimes called Anglo-Saxonised English, Saxonised English or
> >   by jocular-colloquial terms including Ander-Saxon.

I would shift the names in this row to be sundered rows marked with
"Description", and move "a form of English using only Old English roots"
to "Comments".

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